Rock Pools at ThursoTHUR014195
Have fun with the Ranger guddling around in the rock pools at Thurso to see what we can find and learn about. Nets/trays will be provided but please ensure kids wear wellingtons and suitable clothing.
This event is aimed at families, but no unaccompanied children allowed. Please book at least one adult per family.
Meet at the east bank of Thurso River by Caithness Livestock Breeders on Sir Archibald Road.

We make no charge for this event but we rely on your donations to help us protect our Highland wildlife and heritage.

07 August 2018 10:00-12:00Thurso East (By Caithness Livestock breeders Sir Archibald Road.)
Price (All Incl)Free
Price (Budget)Free
Price (PAYG)Free
Remember you need a High Life card to book all activities.
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